The Use Of The Dual Light Surveillance Camera


The dual light surveillance camera is a camera that integrates infrared and white light  illumination. the main use of the dual light  camera mainly solves the problem of "color blindness" and other problems when the camera works at night . At present, the main solution for night monitoring is infrared auxiliary lighting, which can clearly find the target without light, but infrared type has infrared limitations. Take an example , it can only get colorless images, which is a typical "color blindness" phenomenon, and it also happen " The phenomenon reflecting  light on common things, making it impossible to distinguish details even in black and white images. It is a typical "color blindness". Another solution is that although white light illumination can obtain clear color images, the target is too obvious at night, which is easy to be avoided by criminals, and it is not easy to catch criminal incidents. In summary, the dual-light source camera used together with infrared and white light perfectly solves all problems of night monitoring